Prof. Al-Amin Abu Manga Mohamed
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  1. - 1976-78, French teacher as a part-time job at the Islamic University of Omdurman,
  2.    Sudan.
  3. - 1978-82, Research Fellow and lecturer at Bayero University Kano, Nigeria.
  4. - 1981 (Oct.-Dec.), visiting Research Fellow to the University of Marburg, Fed. Rep.
  5.    of Germany (for preparation of a book of a Fulfulde course, jointly with Prof. H.
  6.    Jungraithmayr).                    
  7. - 1982-1983 (6 months), Fulfulde instructor as a part-time job at Frobenius Institute,
  8.    University of Frankfurt, Fed. Rep. of Germany.
  9. - 1984-86, Fulfulde instructor as a part-time job at the Dept. of African languages and
  10.    Linguistics, Univ. of Marburg, and later at the University of Frankfurt.
  11. Since 1987, staff member of the Institute of African and Asian Studies, University of Khartoum.