Prof. Al-Amin Abu Manga Mohamed
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Research Activities

  • In 1977 I carried out a language survey in Maiurno (on the Blue Nile) for my M.A. dissertation.
  • During my 4-year service at Bayero Univ. Kano (Nigerian) (1978-82) as Research Fellow at a centre whose main concern was research, I conducted a number of researches within Northern Nigeria, including a language survey around Sokoto. Three of the publications mentioned above are based on the material collected at that time.
  • In 1983 I collected material in the form of speech samples among the Fulfulde and Hausa speakers in the Sudan. The Fulfulde material was for my Ph.D. dissertation and the Hausa (updated) material constituted the basic data of my recently published book Hausa in the Sudan (see above).
  • From 1988-91 I was coordinator and co-researcher in the project “Sociolinguistic research among the displaced people in Khartoum”, sponsored by IAAS, Univ. of Khartoum and National Centre for Scientific Research, Univ. of Nice (France). The results were published in C. Miller & A. Abu-Manga (1992): Language Change and National Integration the Sudan. Khartoum, KUP. Now one of my M.A. students is conducting a similar research in the same residential area to examine the sociolinguistic changes which have occurred in the span of 10 years, after the area had been planned and plots had been distributed to the inhabitants.  
  • In 1989 I undertook a research trip of 45 days to Northern Nigeria during which I collected more than 50 manuscripts, visited sites of historical value and interviewed elderly people on issues relating to the West Africans’ religious migrations to the Sudan. Four of the published papers mentioned above are based on that material.
  • In 1992 I carried out a language survey among the Songhai speakers of the Blue Nile: the results were presented to Conf. No. 14 (see above) and published (see Abu-Manga 1995b).
  • In 1996 I - jointly with Dr. C. Miller - undertook a 3-week research trip and collected historical and sociolinguistic data among the Sudanese of West African origins (Fulani, Hausa, Kanuri and Songhai) living in the eastern Sudan (Gedarif State). That was within the framework of the ‘Gedarif-Kassala Project’, sponsored by CEDEJ and Khartoum University. A joint paper (with Dr. Miller) based on the results of that research, titled “The West African communities in Gedaref State“ is already with the editor.
  • In 1998 I – jointly with Prof. G. Schlee from the University of Bielefeld (Germany) – undertook a research trip and collected ethnological data from the different ethnic groups living along the western banks of the Blue Nile between Sennar and Damazin. This project is still going on. I am now invited for a 9-month stay (as a visiting Professor) in Germany to work out that data and prepare a joint book (with the above professor) titled „Ethnicity in New Context“.
  • In 2000 I – jointly with Dr. C. Miller – undertook a 7-day trip to eastern Sudan for collection of historical and sociolinguistic data among the Fallata Mallo in Kassala (and its vicinities), Khashm al-Girba and New Halfa.
  • 2000-2001, visiting professor to Max Planck Institute (Germany) for analysis of the data on the project “Ethnicity in New Context” (6 months)
  • 2001, visiting professor to the University of Aix-en-Provence (France) for analysis of data on Kassala-Gedaref Project (2 months).
  • 2007, visiting professor to Max Planck Institute (Germany) for analysis of the data on the project “Ethnicity in New Context” (2 months).