Dr.Mohammed Elfatih Hamid
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Published several articles and contributed a number of conference papers on Legal and Sharia'a issues arising from the Islamic modes of financing. The following are some of my publications:


1-Islamic Law of Contract or Contracts? (1969)Journal of Islamic and Comparative law, 1.


2-The Freedom to Make Stipulations in the Islamic Law of Contracts (1969) Journal of Islamic and Comparative Law, 23


3-Does Islamic Law Recognize a Doctrine of Mistake? 4 Journal of Islamic and Comparative Law (1972)1.


4-Duress and its effects on Contracts: 1972 Sudan Law Journal and Reports, 334.


5-Misrepresentation as a vice of Consent: Sudan Law Journal and Reports, 84


6-Validity and Invalidity of Contracts in Sudan Law and in the Sharia, with Professor El Darir (in the Arabic language).


7-Mutual Assent in Formation of Contracts in Islamic Law (1977) Journal of Islamic and Comparative Law, 41


8-Islamic Law and Islamic Banking: Lessons in the Experience of the IDB (Islamic Development Bank).Paper presented at a seminar organized by the International Bar Association, Paris, 1990.


9-Structural and Legal issues arising in the Islamic Financing of Projects: Paper presented at a conference on Islamic Banking and Finance arranged by IBC Financial Focus, London, 1995.


10- Financial Leasing (A paper presented in an international seminar organized Inter-Arab Guarantee Corporation and held Tunis, and published in the proceedings of the seminar 1996).


11-Istisna'a: a Classical Concept in a Modern Setting: In A.Siddiqui, (editor), Anthology of Islamic Banking.


12-Risk Management through Documentation: Presentation made at a conference on Islamic Banking Products arranged by the Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance. London, 2002.


13-Facing the Challenges of Islamic Banking: An Overview of the Issues. In Christian, Von, Bar (editor), Islamic Law and its Reception by the Courts in the West (1998), 157


14-Development Financing in Conformity with the Sharia'a: Instruments and Limitations. In Sabine Schelmer-Schulte &KO Yung Tung, (editors), Liber Amicorum, Ibrahim F.I. Shihata, 387